Pharmacy case studies dhillon

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Pharmacy Case Studies

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Case studies

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Presenting case studies to the PRACTICE ENHANCEMENT EXAMPLES Case Presentation to Physicians 4. JM’s current medication list according to patient, chart and pharmacy Medication name, dose, frequency Indications, comments Atorvastatin (Lipitor) 20mg once daily Cholesterol.

Pharmacy case studies aren't always easy! If they were, every student would turn professional overnight That's why we've developed 50+ pharmacy case studies for pharmacy students - helping you become a practice-ready pharmacist and pass your next clinical exam -.

A case presentation is a narrative of a patient’s care, so it is vital the presenter has familiarity with the patient, the case and its progression. The preparation for the presentation will depend on what information is to be included.

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Jun 03,  · Pharmacy Case Studies by Soraya Dhillon and Rebekah Raymond Whilst most pharmacy undergraduate texts are subject specific, "Pharmacy Case Studies" encourages students to take an integral approach to pharmacy via a series of pharmacy cases.

Pharmacy case studies dhillon
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