Land law hedges

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Cutting of Hedges (Amendment) Ordinance, 2017

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Boundaries and boundary rules

This allows the hedge to broaden without encroaching onto a neighbour's land, and it may have been sufficient to allow access to the outer side of the hedge for trimming and maintenance. The amount by which the hedge is set inside the boundary varies from parish to parish around the country.

Drains, ditches, hedges and trees

Planning, building and high hedges law and regulations; Planning, building and high hedges law and regulations Building bye laws.

Full details of the current bye-laws governing building in Jersey. a low, broad and fair land development charge so that developers who profit from land development contribute to the impact of that development on.


The Law is being introduced to deal with scenarios where hedges are allowed to grow to such a height that they represent a legal nuisance, and may potentially adversely affect the privacy and enjoyment of neighbouring land or the amenity of the area. Feb 28,  · This video is unavailable.

Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. The owner of land can sometimes lose ownership to a trespasser by "adverse possession". The law is complicated: Where the land is unregistered or where the land is registered but the trespasser notched up 12 years adverse possession before 13 Octoberwhen the Land Registration Act came into force, one set of rules will apply - see Land Registry Guide 5.

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Land law hedges
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