Glo bus 3 year strategic plan

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Jun 17,  · Re: 3 year Strategic plan «Reply #3 on: June 17,PM» Just lay down areas that you plan to emphasize compensation. best practices, warranties, rebates, etc. Glo-Bus Strategic Plan and Forecast Description: Based on the Glo-Bus simulation, company managers prepare a “Five Year Business Plan” (Strategic Plan).

I Business Strategy Game 3-Year Strategic Plan V Team Case Analyses/Presentation II Business Strategy Game Computer Simulation VI Exam 1 (Chapters of text) III Business Strategy Game Annual Report/ Presentation VII Exam 2 (Chapters of text).

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Simulation Activities and Decision Making: 3-Year Strategic Plan due for Decisions # (Years ); Teams make Simulation Decision #4 (Year 9) Submit Team Reflection: Competing with generic strategies and along value chain activities –.

Glo bus 3 year strategic plan
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