A comparison of northern ans southern

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Difference Between Southern and Northern States before the Civil War

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Differences in the Northern & Southern States in the 1800s

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The major difference between the North and the South -- and the one most responsible for the Civil War -- was the institution of slavery. In the North, slavery was almost universally prohibited by the s, while the institution was a cornerstone of Southern society.

Over time, the southern colonies developed into a distinctly separate region from the northern colonies. There were countless factors involved, including climate, relations with Indians, economics, politics, and slavery but in the end there was one core reason for the distinction; mindset.

Differences in the Northern & Southern States in the 1800s

The nuances in Indian cuisine are even clearer when comparing the preparations of similar recipes from neighboring states, and even within communities from the same state. For instance, my mother hails from Bangalore in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The North Pole, of course, is in the Northern Hemisphere, while the South Pole is at the most southerly part of the Southern Hemisphere. Seasonal Differences Summer and winter seasons differ between the two hemispheres, resulting in vastly different temperatures at the same time of year between the most southern and northern locations.

Ireland vs Northern Ireland comparison. The island of Ireland is divided into two separate jurisdictions: the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Difference Between North and South India

The Republic of Ireland, which makes up the southern portion of the country, is independent from the United Kingdom, while Northern Ireland is.

A comparison of northern ans southern
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